Days in the kitchen spent trialing new recipes or perfecting classics are some of my most treasured. Not too toot the proverbial “horn of plenty” but after a number of years at this job, I feel I’m a pretty dab hand at pulling together the old canapé & bowl food & dinner party menu. But […]

One of the joys of going on holiday, other than relaxing and enjoying family time, is experiencing new food at the destination. It’s also usually chance for me to take a break from the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking.  Of course there are the times when we go on holiday and there […]

After our cookery classes here in the Splendiferous Kitchen, I often get heartfelt e-mails from the guests saying how “inspired” they feel to go home and cook something new. It makes me feel good (ego stroke?) and I am reminded once again, how fortunate I am to do something that I truly love. Today, for […]

This is the quickest blog ever- but I write from the bottom of my heart about something that is very close to me…SPECK- well okay, not really, Speck (more on that later) but rather, my home town of Montreal.  Oh and just in case you are wondering…this is never one of my passwords when probed […]

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People & HRH Princess Royal People often ask me what inspires me to come up with new menus and recipes- the answer is easy- I love to eat! But the past few weeks have seen so many tastings of variations of lemon curd, chocolate brownies, buttermilk scones, buttery biscuit base and […]

Enoteca Pinchiorri Eating out with two children- one of whom complains that her chef-mother doesn’t properly appreciate the merits of frozen fish fingers in a 3 Star Michelin restaurant could be anticipated as stressful, indulgent, and somewhat foolish. But, despite this, last night (April4)whilst holidaying in Tuscany, we had one of the most magnificent restaurant […]

Happy birthday to the most supportive husband this girl has ever had! (Please note, former exes have already been placated with their birthday messages in January, February and March, respectively.) Yesterday ( April 3rd) I had a ” soupçon ” of my former life. Pre-dawn, I awoke in double glazed airport hotel in one city, […]

Most blogs, at the beginning of the year, focus on healthy eating and getting “back on track”. With the past weeks’ news of horse meat found in supermarket burgers, I thought the “getting on track” was perhaps not the right cliché to be using! Everyone is taking sides on the debate of “Fresh on the […]

Many of you know I have a passion for fun boots, some of you suspect I have a passion for rubber, but the truth is I just like shocking titles and this is a family-friendly blog with just a touch of Oooh Aahh Madame! You see rubber boots are a simple necessity of life when […]

Get ready for a three day blog extravaganza dear readers! Famiglia Gallagher is Italy! As I type, the bells are ringing, outside, not in my head. Leisurely, I sip organic Orcia Rosso and nibble organic Pecorino provided by the pop up market just outside our hotel . For reasons I cannot fathom (but thank the […]