Men Cooking

Men Cooking Together!

Come join Claire and her Team for a fun "Men Only" night!

This course is the perfect chance for men to relax and have a chilled fun evening, learning a bit of butchery as well as working with those manly cuts such as the Cheeks and Tails and some delicious sides to go with it

There's a bit of male bonding over a few beers and of course the joy of knowing that they will one day make it at home (and hopefully not make a  right pigs ear of it)!

A perfect gift for Husbands, Partners, Dads and Dads in law too!  With Fathers Day looming why not treat them (and yourself ?)


What next?

Terms and conditions: Please note that all courses are non-refundable and must be paid for in advance. As a small company offering limited courses to restricted numbers, we cannot allow for no-shows. If you find you can no longer attend, we suggest that you offer the place to someone else who may be able to and we will help you to publicise. Thank you for your understanding.