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Not Actually a "Sandwich" Course!

Do you have a young person in your life who is about to embark on a new and exciting educational (and away from Mum's cooking) path? Someone who is home this summer before heading off to Uni and may be looking a little wan/grey/over/underwieght? Perhaps they are in need of a tasty tutorial in Food Chemisty 101?!

A course for those who want to help themselves learn (or those they dearly love)  how to pull together some great meals, in a short amount of time, on a tight budget and potentially hung-over! Simple steps but some smashing starts to culinary creativity for the under 25 set! Both keen and clumsy equally welcome!

They'll learn a bit more than the old 'Spag Bol'  so that they can have a mini repetoire of easy to remember starters, mains and wowie desserts!

Who knows ? Maybe they will even come home and impress the family with their new found kitchen skills!