nanny au pari cookery course

Cooking for the Family- A course for au pairs and nannies


As a busy mum, do you have child care help that includes cooking for the family? We have it on pretty good authority that only the very basics of nutrition are taught at most Nanny Schools and they generally pertain to the baby puree do’s and don’ts? Let’s face it, most au pairs, while hard-working, are by the very nature of their job, young and potentially very inexperienced. Between language classes, laundry and coffee at Costa, who could blame them if they could only muster up Fish-Finger-Sarnies-Night… again!

While the kids are at school, let them leave the laundry for a morning and send them on a cookery class designed specifically for them. We go slowly (to allow for language issues and inexperience) and we use simple tasty recipes to bring up their repertoire. Complete with a weekday menu/shopping plan that they can adapt to suit your family.They will walk out of this course, ready to cook for the week ahead.

This course will run from 9 to noon and does not include wine or full lunch, but tasters along the way of the food and is sold at £65 per person.