Super Teas into Sumptuous Supper

Super Teas into Sumptuous Supper & Dinner Party Diva Combined

Our most popular course- and for good reason-we get a lot done in a short time.

Feed your whole family nutritious and delicious meals that can transfer easily from the proverbial nursery tea time, into suppers for the somewhat more refined adolescent and adult tastes and learn how to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Come get inspired and take home some fresh ideas.

You will get tips on how to jazz up your sides and make old stand-bys exciting. Plus the usual insider tips on how to cheat a little (or a lot) with a few key ingredients.

For the first time we are also incorporating some of our Dinner Party Diva recipes to help you feel inspired to invite you friends 'round

This is also a great course  for your Nanny, au pair or significant other-think of it as an investment in seamless supper times!

Claire-Thank you ,thank you, thank you! I had so much fun . I cannot believe how quickly the time went and how much I learned- I will try to remember that easy beurre manie trick! Great stuff- I will be back!

Thanks for a super time. The Vanilla will remain our little secret!

What next?

After booking your place above, we will email you payment instructions. On confirmation of your payment you will recieve another email from us with directions, a map, and details of what to expect on the day.

Terms and conditions: Please note that all courses are non-refundable and must be paid for in advance. As a small company offering limited courses to restricted numbers, we cannot allow for no-shows. If you find you can no longer attend, we suggest that you offer the place to someone else who may be able to  and we will help you to publicise.  Thank you for your understanding.