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Perfect For Entertaining

This is inspired by new my favourite new sleb chef,  Lorraine Pascal. You can use the recipe  from her book "Baking Made Easy" which involves a mango puree and passion-fruit, but I am going to make mine using what I happen to have in fridge right now, which happens to be a lot of left-over white and milk chocolate mousse and lady-fingers from my tiramisu this weekend!

Let's get started!

Oil a straight-edged coffee cup and line with cling-film making sure it is hanging over the edges making it easier to take it out of the cup later.

Half fill the cup with white chocolate mousse .

Top with white chocolate mousse.

Freeze for one hour

Take mousse out of freezer and allow  the cling-flim to help you tug the mousse out.

Whip a bit of leftover double cream and use it as a little glue to place the lady fingers around the mousse

Put some raspberries in the top of the mousse and tie with a pretty ribbon...(do NoT eat the ribbon!)




  • store-bought lady fingers. 1 packet approx 200 g
  • home-made easy white chocolate mousse, 250 ml
  • home-made easy milk chocolate mousse, 250 ml
  • raspberries, 1 punnet
  • mint, fine chopped for decoration